HISTORIC MILESTONES Milestones of the Karatzis Group keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_right
  • 1973
    Establishment of M. & A. Karatzis Ltd. by the Group’s Founder, Miltiadis Karatzis, with headquarters in Crete. Its first manufacturing unit for netting and packaging of meat and poultry begins operations in Melidochori.
  • 1979
    M. & A. Karatzis Ltd. becomes integrated into the Group by purchasing land in the area of Drapanos in Heraklion, Crete.
  • 1984
    M. & A. Karatzis Ltd. is absorbed by M. & A. Karatzis SA. The construction of the Nana Beach hotel begins.
  • 1985
    First year of operation of the Nana Beach hotel.
  • 1986
    A manufacturing unit for netting and food packaging is added in the industrial area of Heraklion due to increased market needs.
  • 1987
    Establishment of the company NAMI S.A. which was later integrated into M & A KARATZI
  • 1994
    Total destruction of the Heraklion factory by fire.
  • 1995
    Reconstruction of the Heraklion factory with state-of-the-art equipment from KARL MAYER in Germany for the production of tubular nets, wrapping nets and pallet nets.
  • 1996
    Aquisition of NOVATEC mechanical equipment.
  • 1997
    Aquisition of mechanical equipment by HA CE LYDIA JÜNEMANN GMBH and establishment of HELAC GMBH, located in Witzenhausen, Kasel.
  • 1998
    Aquisition of equipment from Első Magyar Kenderfonó Zrt., located in Szeged in Hungary.
  • 1998
    Special facilities are created for the storage and distribution of products in the Heraklion Industrial Area.
  • 1999
    Two additional manufacturing units begin operations in the Heraklion Industrial Area and in Larissa.
  • 2000
    Aquisition of mechanical equipment from LIEFOOGHE SARL.
  • 2000
    Aquisition of mechanical equipment from SAS VANDYCKE-DERVYN ET FILS.
  • 2000
    Expansion of the productivity with the acquisition of a round-type machine from TECHNE for the construction of tubular nets for food packaging.
  • 2000
    At the start of the new millennium, M. & A. Karatzis SA is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, increasing its share capital while making the decision to expand in the fields of netting production and tourism. Meshpack GmbH, the German packaging and netting manufacturing company, is acquired.
  • 2002
    The manufacturing unit in Larissa begins producing shade nets and is reinforced with 10,500 sq.m of additional factory space, as well as new production lines.
  • 2004
    Takeover of 50% of JUMA GMBH THE CURLER COMPANY.
  • 2005
    The company's business activity in Germany expands in order to meet the increasing demands of the European market with the acquisition of 6,500 sq.m to be used for the storage and distribution of products in Witzenhausen - Kassel.
  • 2006
    A long-term cooperation begins between Karatzis SA and Fabpro Oriented Polymers, LLC of Kingman, Kansas, aiming to meet the market’s growing needs for straw netting and pallet wrapping film.
  • 2007
    Karatzis SA enters the field of solar park construction with its submission of an application for a license to establish two parks with a capacity of 8 MW in Larissa and Boeotia.
  • 2007
  • 2008
    KARATZIS USA-LLC is established in Kingman, Kansas, and manufactures straw nets and pallet wrapping film. The US and Canadian markets exhibit a positive response to this new $10 million business venture.
  • 2009
    45% of the Spanish netting trading company Croppy Solutions S.L. now belongs to Karatzis SA.
  • 2010
    240 KW solar panels are installed at the Heraklion and Melidochori factories in Crete.
  • 2011
    Karatzis SA's stake in Spanish Croppy Solutions S.L. increases to 90% and SOLAR PARTNERS LTD is fully acquired. The solar parks in Boeotia and Larissa start their operation with 6 MW solar parks added in these areas.
  • 2012
    Karatzis SA establishes a new photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 2 MW in the Reza-Soupasi area of the Prefecture of Boeotia. The solar power plant of its subsidiary, Karatzis Energy, with 5,5 MW of power, begins operations in the area of Koukos in Katerini. The subsidiary KARATZIS USA-LLC is sold to Fabpro Oriented Polymers, LLC, and the company Meshpack GmbH completes its investment program for the construction of a new industrial plant and warehouse with a total area of 3,000 sq.m.
  • 2013
    6 new solar power stations with a total capacity of 0.6 MW are established in Kefalonia.
  • 2014
    Zeus Packaging Agri Ltd is established in the United Kingdom.
  • 2015
    The Karatzis Group mourns the passing of its founder and president, Miltiadis Karatzis.
  • 2016
    The Group proceeds with the establishment of 2 new subsidiaries in Europe, KARATZI IMPRESE INDUSTRIALI & ALBERGHIERE S.A. and KARATZIS RUS Ltd, as well as the founding of the Electricity Service Provider KEN SA. Its central administration services relocate to privately owned offices in Heraklion, Crete.
  • 2017
    Sale of the STELLA POLARIS CRETA S.A. company to TUI Germany
  • 2018
    First year of operations for the luxury hotel, Nana Princess.
  • 2019
    Pack Leader Sp. z o.o. is established in Łódź, Poland, and the Electricity Service Provider KEN SA is sold.
  • 2020
    Nana Beach is renovated and assumes the new name of Nana Golden Beach.
  • 2020
    Panellenic Air is founded by the Karatzis Group.
  • 2020
    The Group proceeds with the acquisition of the stock majority of the German company BSK & Lakufol Kunststoffe.