High-level security systems and monitoring of manufacturing processes


The close monitoring of its Solar Parks to ensure the efficiency of their productive processes and their smooth operation is a priority for Karatzis SA. At the company’s headquarters in Heraklion, a state-of-the-art telemetry and camera system allows real-time monitoring of production (24/7) in a specially designed space. Through this, errors in the flow of production can be prevented, and immediate action can be taken to resolve any occurrences.

In addition, the company ensures that these systems remain operational even under extreme weather conditions, whilst maintaining their energy consumption at a minimum, since the quality of their mechanisms adheres to strict criteria. The system’s closed-circuit surveillance cameras monitor, record and transmit footage from the Group’s facilities at the Industrial Area of ​​Heraklion, with motion detectors guaranteeing the immediate sounding of an alarm, aiming at the safety team’s swift intervention in case of an accident.

These remote monitoring services include a wide range of diagnostic solutions:

  • Collection and storage of data concerning every Solar Power Station’s energy production, microclimate and parameters regarding efficiency and climate (solar radiation, ambient temperature, etc.) for statistical or other use.
  • Collection and storage of problem-related data, to be used for the Corrective - Interventional Maintenance Services.
  • Data analysis for the detection and elimination of deficiencies.
  • Remote monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Constant surveillance via the DVR (recorder) located at each Solar Park, with the option of remote reproduction of recordings that were taken at least fifteen (15) days prior.
  • Remote transmission of image and alarms from each Solar Park.
  • Coordination with the Authorities, Police, Fire Brigade and other relevant bodies.