Extensive manufacturing activity in Greece and Germany


With exemplary productive efficiency as its main competitive advantage, the Karatzis Group’s industrial assets include 5 factories in Greece and in Germany. Complete commitment to innovation, automated production processes, and streamlined quality control systems are the cornerstones which offer the Group’s product portfolio its high calibre.


The Group’s first manufacturing unit was established in Melidochori in 1973, and has been active since then in the production of rubber wrapping netting, as well as netting for the protection of plant nurseries.

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Karatzis SA’s largest manufacturing unit is located in Larissa, with facilities which cover 29,000 sq.m and an annual productive capacity of 18,000 tonnes. Among others, it produces nets for agricultural use (for shading, wind breaking, to create microclimate conditions, and to be used as fencing and silos, as well as during harvesting), nets for road construction (construction, road markings, etc.) as well as for decoration, sporting facilities and to be used as packaging of fresh food (fruits, vegetables, etc.).

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Located in the Heraklion Industrial Area, this manufacturing unit consists of two production facilities and a distribution centre. Its annual productive capacity is at 13,000 tonnes with facilities that cover 20,000 sq.m. Its activity includes the production and distribution of piping network components, straw nets, and pallets.

The facilities are BRC / IoP certified, BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, BS EN ISO 22000: 2005.

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In light of its productive activity in Heraklion, the Group has established PLUSPACK SA, which specialises in the development of hyper-efficient techniques for the recycling and processing of plastic. For this, it was granted the Green Entrepreneurship Award from the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 2011.

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