Athina Karatzi

Vice Chairman of the BoD

Ms Nana Karatzi, Senior Vice President of Karatzis Group of Companies and board member at PANELLENIK SA, has been an integral part of the Group since she founded M&A Karatzi AE in 1973 with her late husband, Miltiadis Karatzis. She has fostered all aspects of its development over the last five decades and imbues her wisdom, strength and dedication into its running as Senior Vice President to this day. The Group has flourished and grown over the years due greatly to her financial know-how and her entrepreneurial skills, as well as her unwavering sense of commitment. She is particularly active in the Group’s hospitality subsidiary, which has amassed a loyal clientele due to her expertise and charisma.

Ms Karatzi continues to develop her knowledge by attending seminars at the Hellenic Management Association, of which she is a member. Additionally, she is a member of the Greek Tourism Confederation, as well as being particularly active in Social and Environmental matters.