Konstantinos Archontakis

Executive member of the BoD

Konstantinos Archontakis has held the position of General Manager of Karatzis Group of Companies since 1989, and is the CEO of PlusPack SA. For over three decades, he has imparted his excellent know-how into all aspects of the Group’s running, and continues to offer his valuable experience in every element of its day-to-day, ensuring totally smooth operation throughout its subsidiaries. His exemplary managerial skills have assisted the Group’s growth and development, with the knowledge that he has gained over the years playing a major role in all decision-making processes going forward.

Konstantinos is the manager of KARATZIS SA & Co, and Aioliki Pnoi Aposkias Single Member LTE, and a board member at ANTKAR Μ. SA, AK GRAFF SA, ARTEMIS REAL M. SA, SEMPITERNAL LTD. and PANELLENIK SA.
He began his career as a professor at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete and is a member of the Greek Tourism Confederation, among others.