Karatzis Group’s Panellenic Airlines Takes Off in 2021

Hard times such as those we are living in, they often cause new ideas and businesses to spring forth. On Crete, the highly successful Karatzis Group has seized on an opportunity in air transport and the market for private flights.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused paradigm shifts in every business sector, and according to news from, Karatzis Group plans to launch Panellenic Airlines, based in Heraklion. According to the report, the group is already in the process of acquiring its first aircraft, reportedly a Cessna Citation Bravo.

Panellenic will fly out of “Nikos Kazantzakis” with an initial fleet of three aircraft beginning in 2021, or even as early as late 2020. The group is also in the process of hiring management and flight crews for the new airline. In a statement to “Money & Tourism” Karatzis Group CEO Antonios Karatzis had this to say:

“This is a strategic move by our group, within the overall framework of the strategy for the company’s expansion. We see, from international market data, an increase of 600% in the interest for international flights in the world, due to the pandemic. Consequently, are a very large number of potential customers, and our group, with extensive experience in providing high-quality services in the travel-tourism sector, can compete in this arena successfully. At the same time, passengers of our airline will enjoy the quality experience as guests of our hotel”.

I chatted with Antonios Karatzis briefly about his extended plan for the new airline. When I asked if he intends expanding services for other resorts and hotels, the Karatzis Group CEO said his company plans to expand service to suit special cases and other hospitality concerns.

About Karatzis Group

Karatzis Group has made a name operating in both the tourism and the energy industries. With a background in innovative materials and nets for over four decades, the company grew from a small factory into an international presence in more than 70 countries. The group is also active in the sector of electricity production and in the construction of solar parks in Katerini, Larissa Thessaly, Boeotia, and the city of Heraklion. Karatzis Group operates the luxurious “Nana Golden Beach” on the Peninsula, and the “Nana Princess Suites Villas & Spa” with 112 suites and villas, on Crete.